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Valentine Freebies 8th - 15th Feb

Looking for something hot and spicy to read during a lunch break at work? While you're stuck in a carpool line? During hockey practice? Before collecting your Peppermint Spiced Latte from the barista? Before bed? A collection of almost fifty bestselling MM romance authors have come together to give you scintillating FREE short stories to always have available on the go. Simply download the Prolific Works app and have access to these stories whenever you need a quick romance break. It's a great chance to try a new author with no risk, and you can even have the stories emailed to you to read on your Kindle. Please consider signing up for each author's mailing list as a way of thanking them, getting future free stories, and their new release announcements too!
Most of all, thank you for reading and loving the MM Romance genre as much as we do. Happy Valentine's Day! 

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Monday, October 8, 2018

49 Authors 49 Freebies


What better way to find new authors than to get some FREEBIES from them. I’m happy to announce that I was part of this great October giveaway. So roll up your sleeves and dip your toes into this pool of new talent.

If you haven’t read “My Heart’s Choice” the FREE book containing three short stories, then you can get your copy from the giveaway.

myheart'sdesire - 1600x2400

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Friday, May 25, 2018

The Looking Glass–Choices, First Kiss, His Heart’s Desire–OUT NOW!

                 Looking Glass Series Banner

What would you do if you saw a stranger in a mirror and was told he was your one true love? Would you think it a joke? Would you seek him out?
What would you do if you did decide to find your soulmate, but you were straight, or he was dying, or you were being lied to?

TLG1_Choices - 200x300  CHOICES
Marc was straight, always had been and always thought he would be, but when shown his true love in a magic mirror he was shocked to find out his true love was a man. Not only that, it was up to him to convince his true love they were meant to be together. All bad enough, but after finding Liam, the only way he's able to persuade Liam to go out with him is to offer him sex – even though that was something Marc was definitely not ready for.
Liam thought Marc was crazy. Marc was straight and he was talking about true love and making a life together, but Liam didn't believe in love and he certainly wasn't going to fall in love with a crazy straight guy regardless of how sexy he was. But he hadn't reckoned on Marc's pushy attitude or his offer of sex which, no matter how much he knew he should, Liam couldn't turn down.

TLG2_First Kiss - 200x300  FIRST KISS
The second Brenn saw Joey’s image in the magic mirror, he was hooked. The moment he saw him in real life, Brenn knew Joey was going to be his forever. Joey was flirty, and fun, and he had the most gorgeous smile, but then Joey told him he was dying. Though devastated, Brenn didn’t want to give up on Joey, so he offered to look after him and make his last few days as comfortable as possible, but was that going to be enough when all Brenn really wanted was for Joey to live?
Brenn was everything Joey could have wished for; strong, built, and with the most amazing eyes. Also, Brenn was in love with him. That would have given Joey something to live for, if it hadn’t been too late. He had about three weeks left, but that didn’t seem to matter to Brenn. Brenn wanted to take him home, and Joey was willing to go with him, but on two conditions. He wanted Brenn to make love to him before he died, but no kissing.

TLG3_His Heart's Desire - 200x300  HIS HEART’S DESIRE
As the keeper of a magic mirror that shows those lucky few their one true love, Simon dreams of the day it will show him his, but he never dreamt of a punk-assed kid with ripped jeans and rainbow colored hair. Devastated, Simon tries to push Alex away, refusing to tell him they were fated, but Alex keeps coming back, showing all the signs of a man drawn to his soulmate. Realizing he’s made a terrible mistake, Simon figures the only way to fix it is to be the man Alex wants because Alex is the man Simon needs if he’s ever to have a future.
Never before has Alex fallen so hard for a man who obviously doesn’t like him, but Alex is sure there’s a passionate man beneath Simon’s prickly exterior. Peeling away Simon’s layers is like ripping off a bandaid, but it’s worth it when Alex finally has Simon in his arms. The problem is, though he may have Simon’s body, he doesn’t have his heart, and that’s the part Alex wants most. Until he finds out Simon has lied to him.



Thursday, March 1, 2018

Erotic Gay Shorts Group Giveaway!


I was lucky enough to be a part of this group giveaway, and with twenty generous authors offering their shorts for FREE, what a great way to find someone new.

Click here to get your Instafreebie goodies.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Blind Passion now on sale!

Blind Passion Penny Brandon

With the closing of my publisher, I have the opportunity to re-release Blind Passion. For one week only until the 1st March 2018, I am putting Blind Passion on sale for $0.99. After that it will go up to it’s reasonable price of only $3.99.

With it’s release I’ve given Blind Passion a new cover, all done by the beautiful and talented Meg Bawden.


Attraction for Adam was not a handsome face, a striking smile, or beautiful eyes, but a scent that would drive him to distraction or a voice that could make his heart beat faster. When the combination of the two walked into his life in Luke, Adam couldn’t help but want him. But how was he supposed to know if Luke felt the same attraction? He had no prior experience, no past encounters, nothing to help him. Not even his sight.

One look at Adam and Luke wanted him. Sensual, gorgeous, kind, with a strength that Luke was drawn to, Adam was everything Luke desired. Being in Adam’s arms, showing him the pleasure of a man’s body, being touched, held, and desired in return, had Luke wanting more, had him wanting what he knew he couldn’t have.

It didn’t matter to him that Adam was blind, but Adam deserved more than someone like him. Luke was a man with a broken past and falling in love with Adam was a foolish thing to do, especially because Adam would never love him back if he found out what Luke was hiding.

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Valentine Freebies

Love is in the air this valentine with not one but three valentine freebies brought to you by some amazing authors who are once again offering some loved up stories for your enjoyment.
Please just click on the banners and you will be either directed to instafreebie or to another author’s website where you can click on the book cover links. I’d like to personally thank these generous authors, as I’ve nabbed some freebies for myself.




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Sunday, December 31, 2017

LGBT Romance Deals–Birthday Giveaway!


LGBT Romance Deals had their 1st Birthday, and to celebrate loads of authors offered some FREEBIES, however, I missed it. If you did too, don’t worry, these authors are still offering their books up for FREE, but be quick because they won’t last forever.

51rsB-lpRvLThe Rainbow Clause - Beth Boden

Don't like the athletes. Don't sleep with the athletes. Don't fall for the athletes. It had never been particularly difficult to keep the rules but Nick had a feeling he was about to be tested.
Heisman winner. Member of the National Championship team. NFL Rookie of the Year. Quarterback Colin O’Connor knows he’s become the ultimate romance novel cliché: all the success he’s ever dreamed of but nobody to share it with. Too bad it’s not as simple as asking out the next girl who intrigues him – because the next girl to intrigue him probably won’t be a girl at all.
Unexpectedly, the solution comes in one neat package: Nick Wheeler, lead journalist for a leading sports and pop culture blog. Hired by Colin’s team, Nick comes to Miami to shine a spotlight on the NFL’s most private quarterback.
The heat in Miami rises when Nick discovers that Colin is nothing like the hollow personality he pretends to be in interviews and he’s even hotter in person than on his Sports Illustrated cover. Nick knows this is the story of his career, and it also hits close to home. What he needs is to help Colin share his story while keeping their growing relationship from boiling over in the press, but what he wants is to tell the world.

51JXd-YJpKL Demon Be Mine - Michael Mandrake

After dying at the hands of Ryland Durand, Eli Peckard is thrust into a different universe, one that is familiar to his home of New Orleans, but scary all the same. Battered and bruised from his rough travels, he is accosted, and then rescued by Anasa, an official in The Realm.
Zylen has lived his days in Nouvelle Terre as a Keeper for new fledglings. Being the child of a fallen and a vamp, Zylen still beholds emotions of remorse and empathy for the mentally fragile soul, Eli Peckard, and those feelings transform into something more.
Eli’s insecurities and Zylen’s anxieties over crossing the line of teacher and apprentice might be an obstacle in their budding union. More importantly, Zylen’s instruction for Eli must include lessons that teach the newest souled demon how to survive the final challenge while fighting his own lusty emotions.
WARNING: Potential triggers. Mentions of child abuse and rape. Graphic violence

d2f836e0f41921de7de238ef6ff64af004dcf511 Made in New York – Ana Newfolk

Isaac’s trip to New York just before Christmas was supposed to serve a single purpose, learn as much as he could about running an LGBT Youth Center to take back home and make those much necessary improvements to the youth center he ran in his native Portugal.
Max’s love of the Christmas season was only surpassed by his love for the LGBT Youth Center he volunteered at, and his job as a nurse. One last speech about sexual education for LGBT young people at risk at a conference in the same center was all that separated Max from getting started with his Christmas celebrations.
Isaac didn’t count on needing to be rescued from a fire by a strapping brown-eyed nurse.
Max didn’t count on Christmas coming early in the shape of a curly-haired man with the most bewitching pair of eyes he’d ever seen.
With 48 hours left in New York, Isaac never thought he’d get an offer he just couldn’t resist.
Suddenly, the chill in the air isn’t enough to stoke the fire that now burns in a completely different way to the one that brought Isaac and Max together.

617sbbzflal Dominus – JP Kenwood

In AD 107, after a grueling campaign against Rome's fierce enemy, the kingdom of Dacia, Gaius Fabius returns home in triumph. With the bloody battles over, the commander of the Lucky IV Legion now craves life's simple pleasures: leisurely soaks in fragrant baths, over-flowing cups of wine, and a long holiday at his seaside villa to savor his pleasure slaves. On a whim, he purchases a spirited young Dacian captive and unwittingly sparks a fresh outbreak of the Dacian war; an intimate struggle between two sworn enemies with love and honor at stake.
Allerix survived the wars against Rome, but now he is a sex slave rather than a victor. Worse, the handsome general who led the destruction of his people now commands his body. When escape appears impossible, Alle struggles to find a way to preserve his dignity and exact vengeance upon the hated Romans. Revenge will be his, that is, if he doesn't lose his heart to his lusty Roman master.

526fdb34af1a0c2ec25d6b055c73b5efThe Elves of Christmas – Wendy Rathbone

Two months before Christmas at the North Pole, Santa’s workshop bustles with activity. Santa is coming early with only half a day’s warning to inspect the elves’ progress!

Pepper, who designs and makes special one-of-a-kind dolls, is ordered by his boss Jingle to take time out of toy-making to wash three stories of windows and decorate every room in preparation for Santa. He assigns Ice to assist. But for Pepper, it’s a bit of a problem. Ice is a surly elf, even disrespectful toward Santa, while Pepper reveres Santa to the point of hero-worship.An unlikely pairing, they must work together in order to finish before Santa’s arrival.

But can two elves with conflicting value systems even get along?

Amidst secrets, resentments, toasted cheese sandwiches, snowman building, a blizzard, and Santa’s nerve-wracking visit, Pepper and Ice discover a mutual attraction. If they can overcome wrongful assumptions and failed expectations, love might just take its natural course and lead them to a Merry Christmas.

51yVSfJB8EL The Slave – Kate Aaron

Freedom is only an illusion.
At twenty-seven, Tamelik has been a slave more than half his life. Submissive by nature, he can't help but fall in love with the master who treats him kindly.
When the mistress walks out, Tam dares to hope his love will be enough.
Then he's ordered to purchase another slave.
He wants to hate Kai for being unruly and ungrateful. For being of the same race as the men who murdered his family. For being his eventual replacement in their master's bed. But it's hard to hate a man who cries himself to sleep, flinches at the slightest touch, and blushes beautifully when he's kissed.
64,000 words.

51xz3 k8knLNaked Origins: Hudson – Posy Roberts

Hudson’s life is forever changed when his parents discover he’s gay. He has no idea where he’ll end up, just that he has to run to be safe.
Hudson Oliva didn’t expect the world to end with the new millennium, but his life did change forever on that New Year’s Eve. After his religious parents walk in on him with Zac in his bed, Hudson is sent to conversion therapy. The parents he returns home to after being cured aren’t the same people he’s known his entire life. They’re cold and withdrawn.
In order to survive, Hudson becomes an expert at lying while working hard to be the perfect son, yet his parents remain emotionally distant. He’s sure the pray-away-the-gay camp broke something inside him along with tearing his family apart. When his parents discover Hudson has continued seeing Zac for years, they demand he go back to the camp. Hudson has no choice but to run. Somehow he has to find a safe place, but he has to get out of Florida first.

51MFyDH9eELThe Blessing and Light – Kasia Bacon

It’s the Night of Winter Lights.
Heedless of the holiday, the Commander of the H’Aren fortress, Captain Torýn Torhdhar, seems to find his satisfaction in work.
Such occurrence hardly surprises his Orderly, Sæbastyn Hyago, even though the young Lieutenant has spent a silent, aching decade wishing his superior officer would pursue pleasure elsewhere—specifically in his arms. But as the evening continues, nothing about it meets Sæbastyn’s expectations. Will the Lieutenant see his secret desires realised, or his heart shattered?

51lw MkdF7LBecoming Lord Drake’s Lover – Vanessa Mulberry

London, 1815.
Albinus St. John would do anything to be with Josiah Drake—even share him with London’s finest doxies. Although the two men never touch, visits to the women at the brothels allow Albinus to cherish the sight, smell, and even taste of the man he adores. He never believed there could be anything more between them.
But Josiah has a heart too, and it has always belonged to Albinus. After some life changing experiences on the Grand Tour, he is ready to offer his love and his body.
Becoming Lord Drake’s Lover is a 10,000 word MM erotic romance.

51QoT4P3NqLMake the Yuletide Gay – Various Authors

Sleigh bells ring—are you listening?
It’s that time of year again, and we have the perfect way to get you in the mood: A free anthology! Five holiday stories that are guaranteed to warm your heart, heat up your cold nights, and most importantly: Make your yuletide gay.

A Christmas Party to Remember by Nicky Spencer
Last Christmas, Cory and Wes made a connection that left them both thanking Santa. But when Cory doesn’t show up for their first date, Wes swears he won’t make that mistake again. This year, can Santa’s magic find a way to bring them back together?

Let’s Not Go Crazy by Stephen Hoppa
The holidays are stressful enough without Ethan’s boyfriend Nate trying to kill him with Christmas cheer. But Nate’s found a whole new way to torture Ethan when he reveals that he wants kids. Will their conflicting desires tear their relationship apart, or will they find a way to ring in the new year stronger than ever?

Captain Jack and the Snack Attack by Addison Albright
Two men determined to win the same treasure at a charity silent auction, a wayward kitten, grumbling tummies, and a dilemma: what’s the correct gift-giving etiquette for a first date that’s mere days before Christmas, and what could possibly go awry with this merry combination?

The Christmas Day Date by Nell Iris
One rainbow Christmas tree in harm’s way and an afternoon spent eating far too many cookies, equals two men with changed holiday plans. But how does that translate into a date?

The Year of the Monkey by Amy Tasukada
The last thing Aoi wants to do for New Year’s is spend it with his boyfriend’s parents. They were far from thrilled when their son came out. Can Aoi warm their hearts making traditional mochi or will they end up in an even stickier situation?

511NFnsin4LDouble Teamed by the Bull Riders – Stephen Hoppa

Tod and Jackson are both bull riders, cowboys and alpha males in the very marrow of their being. Despite their passionate feelings for one another, their relationship has always been a constant struggle for dominance over the other as neither man can learn to give up his own dominance. When impressionable twenty-two year old Harper rents a room in their house, he can't resist his curiosity about their stormy, passionate, sometimes explosive relationship. Of course if he gets too curious, he might end up the target of both men's dominance... but maybe that was what he wanted all along.
The more Harper learns about the two men, the harder he finds it to stay away, even when he discovers the dark past that has left them emotionally scarred. Will Harper be the submissive link between Tod and Jackson that their relationship was missing or will the intensity of their dominance be too much for him to take?

8a450c9a895763ebe095a93ff7d773b5Barrett & Ivan – AD Ellis

Despite the curve balls thrown at him throughout his childhood, Barrett Kenner is now a successful musician. The only thing missing is romance.

Ivan Romanov killed a man to save his sister’s life. Although he has served his time, Ivan’s past left him with baggage far heavier than the meager belongings he carries out of prison.

Barrett clings to the memory of a fervent kiss, a kiss that Ivan tries to pretend meant nothing. When the two men finally accept their feelings for each other, life should be smooth sailing, but the past still lurks in the shadows.

Can Barrett and Ivan protect their love and their lives, or will dangers from long ago be more than they can withstand?

Barrett & Ivan is a May/December, friends-to-lovers, second chance romance.

**This is a male/male romance meant for ages 18+ due to adult language and adult situations.**

51om-GkU81L._SY346_Temptation by Design – Andrea Dalling

They never meant to fall in love. Now, their burning need could cost them everything.
This steamy hot-for-teacher, straight-to-bi M/M romance has an HEA and no cliffhanger.
Forbidden attraction…
Shakespeare professor Ben Silver teaches in a small college town with few prospects for love. Most gay men he meets are students and off-limits. That's never been a problem until architecture major Chase takes over set design for the college production of Macbeth. Older than most college juniors, his maturity and leadership skills—not to mention his smoking-hot body—capture Ben's attention. But a tryst could ruin Ben's career, and he can't risk it.
Awakening desire…
Former petty officer Chase Coltrane understands fraternization rules. His years in the Navy taught him to keep his hands to himself, especially where people in authority are concerned. But when Ben ignites Chase's attraction to men, Chase's self-control heads out to sea. He wants to explore this newly discovered part of himself, and the sexy, charismatic professor has tied knots around his heart. Will his desperate attempt to win the man he loves destroy their future? Or will it lead them on a path to lasting love?

51oWtXRME7LThe Ancient – Kathy Griffith

Alasdair Connery has seen a lot in ten thousand years.
He’s the first of his kind; the father of all nightwalkers. Together with his trusted assistant Edgar, he trolls for victims to feed from at his time of blood lust. When he’s invited to a wedding, he meets his perfect choices—a married couple. Bruce and Jules have their own sets of insecurities and secrets. She hides a wealth of insecurities under a shield of bravado, and Bruce? He hides the fact that he can’t stop thinking about the love of his life—his college flame Dr. Jeffrey Bayfield. With Alasdair’s powers of seduction working a little too well, he finds that both of them are growing somewhat dependent on him.
Growing increasingly annoyed at their emotional baggage, some of which he is responsible for, he’s willing to put up with their games for a short time, but something has to happen before his blood fever is over for another fifty years and he has to go back to donors once again, unable to kill humans for their red gift. He rather likes the killing part.
And what is he going to do about Edgar’s own growing feelings for him?

41c1ynpar7lOmega For The Pack – NJ Lysk

Five alphas.
One omega.
The fate of their pack is in their hands.
But what about the fate of their hearts?

When Ray presents as an omega instead of an alpha, his life changes forever. As a male omega, he’s expected to mate with a select group of alphas and start a pack of his own.

The five men selected for him are as different as they are keen. And one of them is his best friend, Josh, who Ray was sure could never return his feelings. But now they all must deal with the mating instinct that the power of the Moon brings out in them; and after that… Ray will have bigger problems than a crush.

Can Ray become the submissive omega his pack needs him to be? Will the alphas understand how hard it is for him, or demand more than he can give?

If you enjoy dark romance, you’ll love N.J. Lysk’s Omega For The Pack.

51hmtg624lSimpler Than Most – NJ Lysk

Sergi has stopped lying to himself: he's had a crush on a guy for a while.

Things seem to be looking up when the guy turns out to be an omega and he agrees to take Sergi as his bondmate. But it isn't as simple as alpha meets omega and they live happily ever after...

For one thing, Ray has four other alphas. For another, one of them seems intent on ignoring every one of the conventions alphas are meant to live by. Sergi should be angry and he's certainly worried, but the more lines Iesu crosses, the closer he gets to the person Sergi has always been afraid to be.

Is Sergi brave enough to face himself and does Iesu have the patience to wait him out while he does?

An interlude in The Stars of the Pack series. The events in this short-story take place during book 1, "Omega for the Pack", and "Simpler Than Most" is best read after that book.

8c00eefb3d70e369f6f0604699afca77The Folly – Vanessa Mulberry

Easter, 1924

George Montfort is a lonely man, hiding away on his estate after being sent down from Oxford for impropriety. When he finds Freddy King in his folly he sees a chance for friendship, if only for a short while, and welcomes Freddy into his life.

Playful, romantic, and handsome, Freddy is too tempting to be just a friend, and George soon finds himself smitten. But after all that’s happened to George, can he let go and allow himself to be happy with the man he loves?

The Folly is a 15,000 word historical MM romance.

dc6a93cedca91e33a31e8e253bea0572c8c2e445-thumbThe Christmas Bonus – Isobel Starling

When Jake Walters saw the object of his obsession- Ethan Sullivan, at the Investobanck Christmas party he had one goal in mind- to spend the night with the younger man. But Ethan had other ideas!

51sKMTTON0L._SY346_Mile High Romance Box Set – Aria Grace

Books 1 and 2 of the Mile High Romance series available for a limited time as a box set.

When It's Right
When Shane Greenly left his home in Casper Mountain, Wy, he was leaving more than just the closet. He needed a fresh start to pursue his dream of running a dog training ranch without having to deny who he really is.
Meeting Alex was one of the best things that could have happened to Shane. They were at the beginning of a wonderful relationship when the unthinkable happened and Shane had to leave. The consequences of his past mistakes could not be hidden any longer.

When I'm Weak
Jamie presents a flamboyant and slutty attitude to the world because he's been hurt before. Even though it's mostly an act, he hides behind his persona to keep people at arm's length. With only a small group of trusted friends, he's vowed to never allow a man to have power over him again. Power to hurt him. Power to take away his freedom. Power to label him as a predator for the rest of his life.
Reed and his sister run a home preschool for toddlers. His focus is on getting credentialed so he can take some of the burden from Lucy. He doesn't have time for friends, much less a lover, but when he meets Jamie, he recognizes something in the man that makes him want to get closer.
Unfortunately, Jamie's past prevents him from truly integrating into Reed's future. It's not just a matter of the heart. It's a matter of the law.

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