Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cover for Choices!

Yay! I've just got the cover for Choices, the first in a series of "The Looking Glass". A contemporary with a hint of paranormal, Choices is set in Sydney, Australia, and don't the two guys on the cover look hot!

Marc was straight, always had been and always thought he would be, but when shown his true love in a magic mirror he was shocked to find out his true love was a man. Not only that, it was up to him to convince his true love they were meant to be together. All bad enough, but after finding Liam, the only way he’s able to persuade Liam to go out with him is to offer him sex – even though that was something Marc was definitely not ready for.

Liam thought Marc was crazy. Marc was straight and he was talking about true love and making a life together, but Liam didn’t believe in love and he certainly wasn’t going to fall in love with a crazy straight guy regardless of how sexy he was. But he hadn’t reckoned on Marc’s pushy attitude or his offer of sex which, no matter how much he knew he should, Liam couldn’t turn down.

Choices is due out on 3rd Jan 2012 and is being published by Loose-Id. The cover is accredited to April Martinez.