Saturday, February 4, 2012

Choices has been reviewed by Dark Divas Reviews

This is what Lasha from Dark Divas Reviews has said about Choices:
Lasha’s Review:
Choices takes a distinctive turn on the Gay For You trope. In it, Marc who always thought he was straight looks into a magical mirror and sees the face of his one true love: Liam. Scared for all of one minute about his soon-to-be change in sexuality, Marc decides to hunt down Liam and see if they are compatible. And boy are they! However, there’s one big problem that must be addressed before Marc can have his happy ending. He has to convince Liam — who only wants Marc for sex — that true love can really exist.
Normally, the straight guy is magically converted to being gay is not a big turn on for me because it seems so unrealistic. But in Choices, the thing that sells the novel’s plot for me is Marc. His characterization is so honest, so unwavering in the fact that he loves Liam and they can overcome anything, that as the reader you start to believe it too. Plus, the chemistry between Marc and Liam… No wonder Marc is so ready to turn gay for Liam. Can we say hot?
Overall, Penny Brandon’s novella is a satisfying read. For readers of the GFY plot-line, you will find a unique twist to that trope that makes Choices a delight. Plus it looks like there will be a sequel as the magic mirror has more couples to get together. So I am definitely looking forward to more in this universe.
Rated 4 Delightful Divas by Lasha!

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