Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bringing Him Home is going into PRINT!

Bringing Him Home is going into PRINT! You can pre-order over at Amazon. It's only $10.99, so go and order a copy now. Yes, in PRINT!

Jared Hall was a soon to be ex truck driver who had given up on ever finding true happiness. What he wanted wasn’t out there so what was the point in looking? And even if by some fluke he could find a man to love, how the hell was he supposed to bring him home?

Kyle Swanson had no particular place to be. He’d given up his old life; living in the fast lane no longer appealed. But being alone was not all it was cracked up to be, either. So he was looking to find someone, looking to find love, looking for a place to call home.

When these two men meet the sexual tension is so hot they can't help but want to explore it further, but when Kyle finds out where Jared lives, that's where it all goes wrong.


  1. What a thrill, Penny!!! I bet you can't wait.

    1. It's something that every writer dreams of - to have a book in their hands that they've written, and that someone has deemed good enough to waste paper on. :)