Sunday, January 13, 2013

Behind Every Cloud... Is now finished!

I haven't done a post for a while, but I've been busy writing, which is a good thing. Silver Lining is a story that's been playing around in my head for quite some time. Here's a little snippit, but I'm not yet telling you what it's about...

UPDATE: Re-named "Behind Every Cloud..." and has now been FINISHED!

Fishing in his pocket for his keys, Kurt had to take a tighter grip of the woman in his arms. That was when he felt something pressed against his thigh that shouldn’t have been there.

 “You’re a man?” Shock almost had him dropping the guy; instinct had Kurt pulling him closer.

“I’m Sasha.” The slurred response wasn’t an answer, but Kurt didn’t really need confirmation; it was now pretty clear what Sasha was. And that’s when he ran into his second problem, because as far as he could tell, the guy carried no identification.

With half a mind to take him back to the club – after all, it was their responsibility to look after their patrons – Kurt glanced down and saw Sasha looking up at him, his liquid grey eyes imploring. Cursing the common courtesy his parents had instilled in him, Kurt opened his car and carefully put Sasha in the passenger seat. After climbing into the driver side he turned to the young man slumped beside him.

It was Kurt’s chance to get a proper look at him. He was small, his features delicate and elf like. His hair was long and worn loose down his back; the color an odd silvery grey. He also wore a glittered silver top, black pants and flat ballet type shoes. It was obvious Sasha was dressed to party, and though Kurt didn’t want to assume, it also didn’t take much to realize Sasha was gay.

Trying not to let that affect his judgment, Kurt shook Sasha’s shoulder to get his attention. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“Nope, woozy.”

Kurt bit his lip, holding back on the anger building inside. He knew this wasn’t Sasha’s fault; that Sasha had been victimized, but a small part of him wondered if the young man hadn’t been dressed the way he was, it wouldn’t have happened to him. In that same instance, however, Kurt knew he was wrong to think that way. Sasha was a victim, plain and simple, no matter how he dressed, or how he looked. At least he had the balls to look and dress the way he wanted.

“I think you should go to a hospital,” Kurt said, speaking slowly so Sasha would understand him, hoping also that Sasha would agree with him.

“No, home,” he answered barely above a whisper.

“Sasha, you’ve been drugged, and I don’t know where you live,” Kurt carefully explained. He’d known whatever Sasha had been slipped would limit his comprehension, but this was painful. When Sasha merely looked at him, Kurt sighed. This wasn’t going to get him anywhere, and even as he was thinking of possible alternatives, Sasha closed his eyes and slipped further down into the seat. Knowing he was making a mistake, even though he had no choice, Kurt started his car, and after strapping himself and his uninvited guest in, he set of for his apartment.

It was only when he got there, did he realize how much of a mistake he was making. Sasha was completely unresponsive, so Kurt had to lift him out of the car and carry him. He tried not to notice the light but firm body cradled in his arms, or the long silky hair which got caught in his fingers, but with each step it became more difficult, until it was a relief to finally lay Sasha down on the bed in his spare room.

Looking down at him, Kurt’s stomach clenched painfully. Damn, he was beautiful. His high cheekbones and smooth skin coupled with his pretty pink lips and snub little nose made him look more like a girl than he’d previously done while in the club. It was no wonder Kurt had mistaken him as such. And of course, that stunning length of hair had been a big contributor to his error. Distracted by it, he smoothed it away from Sasha’s face, the backs of his fingers sliding softly against Sasha’s graceful neck.

Forcing himself to stop mauling the man, Kurt wondered what the hell he was supposed to do next. Was it safe to leave Sasha here on his own, or was he going to have to watch over him? Knowing what kind of strain that would put him under, Kurt decided to leave Sasha to his own devices. At least Sasha’s breathing seemed stable, which put Kurt at ease, but he lingered, unable to actually tear himself away from what was his ultimate fantasy.

The silent pull of desire he was trying hard to ignore almost had him reaching out to touch Sasha again. Instead, Kurt grabbed the soft comforter to cover Sasha’s body, but Sasha chose that moment to open his eyes and grab his hand.

“Don’t leave me, please.” His voice pleaded, his eyes begged, and his fingers clutched with a desperation Kurt was beginning to feel deep inside. “Sleep with me. I don’t want to be alone.”

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