Monday, September 4, 2017

Hailey Turner - Metahuman Files Series.

Every now and again a book comes along that captures my interest. I accidentally stumbled onto Hailey Turner's exciting debut book "In the Wreckage" and was instantly hooked. This first in the Metahuman Files series is about Captain Jamie Callahan of the MDF (Metahuman Defence Force), and Staff Sergeant Kyle Brannigan, who hook up after meeting in a pub, purely to relieve stress. They never expected to meet again, even though they both felt a connection to the other. Their jobs, their lives, were just too complicated, but fate intervenes and they're pushed together while on a mission to help fight a terrorist threat. Try as they might they can't help wanting each other, but they have to choose between duty or love, and that is their most difficult task of all.

The world building of a future where people are turned into metahumans if they survive a chemical attack that kills ninety-five percent of those it comes into contact with, is comprehensive and addictive. There are other characters we are introduced to in "In the Wreckage" that also feature in the sequel "In the Ruins", and two of them get their story in "In the Shadows", which is the third of the series.

There is amazing sexual chemistry between Jamie and Kyle that burn up the pages, there is also a fluid and intense story that keep you turning those pages. So if you're a lover of m/m erotic military figures who capture your imagination and your heart, then this is the series for you.

Click on the below links to read a preview:

In the Wreckage

In the Ruins

In the Shadows

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