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FREE BOOKS until 31st Dec 2022


If you haven't got your books already, here's the link to get over 100 FREE BOOKS or click on the above image. You don't have to hurry, either, as you have until 31st Dec 2022. So, go on over and find some new and favorite authors. 

Though I wasn't part of the giveaway, you can read some of my FREE short stories from my blog. Just click on the headings that say FREE.

Monday, January 4, 2021

2020 wasn't a good year for most of us, so more than 180 Gay Romance authors wanted to make sure 2021 started off with a bang!
You're invited to try new authors with this fantastic FREE promo. You never know if your new favorite author is waiting to be discovered!

Though I wasn't part of this giveaway, over 180 Gay Romance authors have come together to give you a post-holiday give. Download brand new, exclusive stories from your favorite and new-to-you authors. Each story in this giveaway is a full complete story that includes a gay romance (no samples or partial stories).

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Friday, February 8, 2019

Valentine Freebies 8th - 15th Feb

Looking for something hot and spicy to read during a lunch break at work? While you're stuck in a carpool line? During hockey practice? Before collecting your Peppermint Spiced Latte from the barista? Before bed? A collection of almost fifty bestselling MM romance authors have come together to give you scintillating FREE short stories to always have available on the go. Simply download the Prolific Works app and have access to these stories whenever you need a quick romance break. It's a great chance to try a new author with no risk, and you can even have the stories emailed to you to read on your Kindle. Please consider signing up for each author's mailing list as a way of thanking them, getting future free stories, and their new release announcements too!
Most of all, thank you for reading and loving the MM Romance genre as much as we do. Happy Valentine's Day! 

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Monday, October 8, 2018

49 Authors 49 Freebies


What better way to find new authors than to get some FREEBIES from them. I’m happy to announce that I was part of this great October giveaway. So roll up your sleeves and dip your toes into this pool of new talent.

If you haven’t read “My Heart’s Choice” the FREE book containing three short stories, then you can get your copy from the giveaway.

myheart'sdesire - 1600x2400

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Friday, May 25, 2018

The Looking Glass–Choices, First Kiss, His Heart’s Desire–OUT NOW!

                 Looking Glass Series Banner

What would you do if you saw a stranger in a mirror and was told he was your one true love? Would you think it a joke? Would you seek him out?
What would you do if you did decide to find your soulmate, but you were straight, or he was dying, or you were being lied to?

TLG1_Choices - 200x300  CHOICES
Marc was straight, always had been and always thought he would be, but when shown his true love in a magic mirror he was shocked to find out his true love was a man. Not only that, it was up to him to convince his true love they were meant to be together. All bad enough, but after finding Liam, the only way he's able to persuade Liam to go out with him is to offer him sex – even though that was something Marc was definitely not ready for.
Liam thought Marc was crazy. Marc was straight and he was talking about true love and making a life together, but Liam didn't believe in love and he certainly wasn't going to fall in love with a crazy straight guy regardless of how sexy he was. But he hadn't reckoned on Marc's pushy attitude or his offer of sex which, no matter how much he knew he should, Liam couldn't turn down.

TLG2_First Kiss - 200x300  FIRST KISS
The second Brenn saw Joey’s image in the magic mirror, he was hooked. The moment he saw him in real life, Brenn knew Joey was going to be his forever. Joey was flirty, and fun, and he had the most gorgeous smile, but then Joey told him he was dying. Though devastated, Brenn didn’t want to give up on Joey, so he offered to look after him and make his last few days as comfortable as possible, but was that going to be enough when all Brenn really wanted was for Joey to live?
Brenn was everything Joey could have wished for; strong, built, and with the most amazing eyes. Also, Brenn was in love with him. That would have given Joey something to live for, if it hadn’t been too late. He had about three weeks left, but that didn’t seem to matter to Brenn. Brenn wanted to take him home, and Joey was willing to go with him, but on two conditions. He wanted Brenn to make love to him before he died, but no kissing.

TLG3_His Heart's Desire - 200x300  HIS HEART’S DESIRE
As the keeper of a magic mirror that shows those lucky few their one true love, Simon dreams of the day it will show him his, but he never dreamt of a punk-assed kid with ripped jeans and rainbow colored hair. Devastated, Simon tries to push Alex away, refusing to tell him they were fated, but Alex keeps coming back, showing all the signs of a man drawn to his soulmate. Realizing he’s made a terrible mistake, Simon figures the only way to fix it is to be the man Alex wants because Alex is the man Simon needs if he’s ever to have a future.
Never before has Alex fallen so hard for a man who obviously doesn’t like him, but Alex is sure there’s a passionate man beneath Simon’s prickly exterior. Peeling away Simon’s layers is like ripping off a bandaid, but it’s worth it when Alex finally has Simon in his arms. The problem is, though he may have Simon’s body, he doesn’t have his heart, and that’s the part Alex wants most. Until he finds out Simon has lied to him.



Thursday, March 1, 2018

Erotic Gay Shorts Group Giveaway!


I was lucky enough to be a part of this group giveaway, and with twenty generous authors offering their shorts for FREE, what a great way to find someone new.

Click here to get your Instafreebie goodies.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Blind Passion now on sale!

Blind Passion Penny Brandon

With the closing of my publisher, I have the opportunity to re-release Blind Passion. For one week only until the 1st March 2018, I am putting Blind Passion on sale for $0.99. After that it will go up to it’s reasonable price of only $3.99.

With it’s release I’ve given Blind Passion a new cover, all done by the beautiful and talented Meg Bawden.


Attraction for Adam was not a handsome face, a striking smile, or beautiful eyes, but a scent that would drive him to distraction or a voice that could make his heart beat faster. When the combination of the two walked into his life in Luke, Adam couldn’t help but want him. But how was he supposed to know if Luke felt the same attraction? He had no prior experience, no past encounters, nothing to help him. Not even his sight.

One look at Adam and Luke wanted him. Sensual, gorgeous, kind, with a strength that Luke was drawn to, Adam was everything Luke desired. Being in Adam’s arms, showing him the pleasure of a man’s body, being touched, held, and desired in return, had Luke wanting more, had him wanting what he knew he couldn’t have.

It didn’t matter to him that Adam was blind, but Adam deserved more than someone like him. Luke was a man with a broken past and falling in love with Adam was a foolish thing to do, especially because Adam would never love him back if he found out what Luke was hiding.

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