Saturday, November 2, 2013

Okay, I'm tooting my own horn...

Another great review for Behind Every Cloud. This time from Pattycake at Mrs Condit and Friends Read Books:

PATTYCAKE’S OPINION: Behind Every Cloud by Penny Brandon is the story of Kurt Donaldson, a man forced to live a lie because of a promise he made to his sister, and Sasha Harrison, a young man rebelling against his parents’ attempt to control his life. Kurt buries himself in work, finding it easier to be celibate, and using beautiful women as a cover to hide behind. Sasha has spent the past five years rebelling against his parents’ attempt to control his life by living a wild lifestyle, and building a reputation as a playboy celebrity that the media and the public known as “Silver’. Tired of living in the limelight as fodder for paparazzi and tabloids, he finds the perfect place to hide after Kurt rescues him from a man who had drugged hid drink. Kurt has no idea who Sasha really is, and offers him a place to stay when Sasha tells Kurt that he’s an actor who has been thrown out of his apartment, and has nowhere to go. Will their growing relationship survive when Kurt finds out who Sasha really is?
This is a character driven story with a smooth plot flow. The characters have problems that are all too common and this makes them genuine, complex, and three dimensional. We get a great backstory that shows where the characters come from, and how the past has affected their present. The men are sexy, and the sex is hot, passionate, and VERY imaginative without being tacky. The author’s writing style is clean, easy to understand, and to the point. I love the way the author shows how all too often, people hide who they really are, and let other people’s perception define how they live their lives. Although a major misunderstanding threatens the relationship, the story does have a HEA ending. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story, and would definitely encourage you to check it out for yourself.
Behind Every Cloud was given FIVE sweet peas!!!

Thank you :)