Saturday, May 26, 2012

Murphy's Law has been Contracted!

Yay! Murphy's Law has been contracted by Loose-Id. I've been doing the happy dance, and I've been told it's scheduled for publication sometime in Aug. I'll let you know as we get closer, and of course I'll be showing you the cover as soon as it becomes available. I can't wait for you to read about these guys, and when I get a chance I'll post a teaser.

Oh, I almost forgot. My short story "Jackman" has been posted over on the Goodreads M/M group. Pop on over and read it for FREE!

Choices WINNER!

And the winner is... DarianMoya!

Congratulations. I'll e-mail you with a copy of Choices. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for commenting and contributing to such a worthy cause.



Thursday, May 17, 2012


Homophobia is a strange word. It describes strange people. They have a choice to dislike gay people, yet the people they dislike don’t have a choice of being gay.
There could be so much said about the subject, but I’d quite simply like to say one thing: If you’re born gay, you can’t change who you are – you’re not born homophobic, why change?

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Murphy's Law is finished!

Finally, Murphy's Law has "The End" attached to it. It took much longer than expected, but I think I've developed two characters that are right for each other.

David is from England. He's lived a pretty awful life being harassed by his step family for being gay, and he's accident prone. Well, he's everything prone and what can go wrong, does go wrong, for him anyway. But needing to get away from it all, he heads to Bondi Beach, Australia. Maybe he can find someone to have uncomplicated, gut wrenching, mind blowing sex with, and forget about his family for a while. Scott is Australian, and his family are okay with him being gay, but they want him to settle down. He's not ready, and needing to get away from their meddling he goes to Bondi Beach for a much needed holiday. That's where he meets David, a man who just pushes his buttons, and the fact that he's looking for the same thing Scott is, makes him the ideal man. Until things start to go wrong. Or is it right?

I've sent it to a publisher, so I'm crossing fingers and toes. I'll let you know if they accept, and then keep you informed of its progress.