Free - Jackman



Penny Brandon

Copyright 2013 Penny Brandon


Published by Penny Brandon

Publisher's Note


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

Content Warning: Sexually explicit scenes, m/m anal intercourse


Mike’s footsteps slowed as the sharp, distinctive sound of the jackhammer just ahead had his stomach giving a little flip and his thoughts turning to mush. He’d thought they’d be gone by now, had almost wished they had, but as he turned the corner and the clamoring became louder, Mike realized that his wish was not going to be granted.

Almost at a standstill, Mike forced himself to move. He didn’t want to be caught staring again, but each time he passed this part of George Street and saw the man handling that formidable piece of equipment he couldn’t help but become absorbed by both man and machine.

The machine was huge, its hammering action fairly pulverizing the pavement it was aimed at, but in the giant hands of the man who wielded it, it almost looked like a toy. Mike watched for a moment, then allowed himself to glance up the body of the man he’d come to call Jackman. It kind of suited, considering the man was as hard hitting as the jackhammer he handled.

Absolutely massive, he had to have stood over six foot five with shoulders as wide as the trunk of a tree, and muscles that bunched and flexed and pretty much screamed dominance. Mike doubted there would be anything that would stand in the way or concern the man who seemed to rule everything around him. And that included Mike’s fascination.

But Mike wasn’t about to allow his drooling obsession to materialize into something more. He had to get a hold of himself and stop ogling someone he wouldn’t dare approach even if he knew the man was approachable, and by the look of fierce concentration on Jackman, he wouldn’t be.

Sighing, Mike took one last lingering look at Jackman’s strong face when the hammering suddenly stopped. The resulting silence was startling, so too was the smirk Jackman aimed his way. Shocked, Mike was rooted to the spot, and he couldn’t have moved now even if he wanted to.

“Hey, Bill, I’m taking five!”

Mike couldn’t believe it when Jackman stood his machine to the side and, after knocking off some of the dust that had accumulated over his jeans, casually strolled over to stand in front of him.


Oh, God! Mike wasn’t sure how rude it was to gawk at the man’s chest, but shit, the sweat soaked T-shirt he wore barely stretched over that broad expanse. He blinked and slowly raised his gaze to meet dark brown eyes that were fixed on him with amusement.

“Are you all right?”

The question threw Mike, but then he realized it shouldn’t have considering he was standing there with his mouth hanging open and his eyes halfway to bugging out of his head.

“Um, yes, fine,” he managed to get out, wondering if his dignity would dare to follow him after this.

“Are you interested in construction?”

“What?” Mike lost his concentration observing the way Jackman licked his lips as if tasting something he liked.

“You seem to slow down every time you pass by here. I was wondering if it was because of what we’re doing.”

“Oh, no, it’s not the construction.” Oh damn. Maybe he should have said it was, that way he’d have an excuse to listen to those deep melodious tones as Jackman talked, and to continue to watch the way he moved his mouth. Or maybe it was just better that he get out of here right now and make sure he never passed this way again.

“So why do you slow down?”

Don’t say it, don’t say it! “Because of you.”

Mike put his runaway mouth to pure intimidation. Well, no that wasn’t right. Jackman was not trying to intimidate, he just gave off this aura of sheer power and confidence, which made Mike feel weak and submissive. Dropping his gaze, Mike just stood there, like a frightened rabbit trapped within the gaze of a prowling fox.

“So would you like to go for a drink?”

Startled, Mike’s gaze flew back to Jackman’s. “Really?” Shit, why did his voice sound so eager and pathetic?

“Well, I think it would be a nice way to get to know one other. I prefer dates than just hooking up.”

A date. Jackman had just asked him out on a date. That big, hulking, giant of a man, who looked like he could crush stone with his bare hands, had asked him, a scrawny pipsqueak who couldn’t lift his own weight even if he tried, on a date.

Mike nodded before his brain could come up with an excuse as to why that was a silly idea. “Yes, please.”

Jackman smiled, the lift of his mouth softening the hard planes of his face. “Good. How about Smith’s at six?”

“Um….” Mike pulled out his phone and quickly tapped the screen a few times. At Jackman’s tilt of the head, Mike realized he was probably coming across as a nerd, which he wasn’t, well not really. “Six is fine,” he said, forcing a sound of confidence into his voice.

“Thank God for that, because I didn’t think I could have waited another day to see you again.”

“See me?”

“Yeah. Every morning I’ve watched you walk by, and this time I decided to find out what had you so fascinated.” Jackman’s smile turned into a grin. “I’m glad it was me.”

Embarrassment had Mike blushing, but he managed to hold the beautiful brown gaze that was as warm as the early morning sun peeking through the buildings.

“Hey, Steve, are you still trying to convince that guy to go out with you?”

Steve rolled his eyes, but otherwise ignored the taunt. Mike, however nearly dropped his phone.

“They know you’re gay?”

“Of course they do. It’s not as if I could hide it.”

Mike wasn’t sure what Steve meant, because as far as he was concerned, Steve looked as far from gay as anyone could get! His thoughts must have shown on his face because Steve laughed, the deep rumble from his chest sounding like a distant roll of thunder.

“I’ll show you,” he said, his smile once again capturing Mike’s attention. “When we’re alone,” he added with a wink.

Mike mutely nodded, suddenly feeling a little overwhelmed. Steve came across as a really confident and compelling guy, and Mike wasn’t sure if he could handle anyone like that. All his past relationships had been with guys like him, shy and awkward. But he hadn’t had any luck with them, so maybe he needed to give himself the chance to try someone different.

“Then I’ll meet you at six.” It was a statement, not a question, as if Steve didn’t expect Mike to change his mind. Steve smiled again, and then headed back to the construction zone. With a quick grin he picked up the heavy jackhammer, and with an ease born of both familiarity and strength, started it up and began the fascinating task of macerating the pavement beneath his work booted feet.

Mike lingered for a moment, then reluctantly dragged himself away, wondering why he was a little disappointed that the man he’d been lusting over was called Steve, and not Jackman.


Never having been in Smith’s, Mike wasn’t sure what to expect, but the quite, intimate atmosphere he’d anticipated was not the one he walked into. There was laughter, music and people, lots and lots of people, so many in fact that Mike had a hard time squeezing through the door.

A little perturbed, he gingerly searched the interior looking for a six foot five inch giant. He didn’t think it would have been all that difficult, but as he searched over the heads of the standing patrons, Mike couldn’t see Steve at all. Assuming he might be too early, Mike slowly made his way to the crowded bar.

“Hey, there you are, I didn’t see you come in.” A huge hand landed on his shoulder, nearly buckling Mike’s knees. He turned to see Steve towering over him, a grin on his face. “Come on, I’ll introduce you to my friends.”

Before Mike could respond, he was being dragged across the room.

Three men stood around a pool table, their gazes curious. Mike could understand why. Steve was this big, compelling guy who seemed to have no trouble being the center of attention, while Mike preferred to hang back and hide in corners. Not that they could have known that about him, but somehow it always showed.

“Ronny, Bill, Dale, this is ….” Steve turned to Mike and cocked an eyebrow. “I forgot to ask your name this morning.”


“Mike.” Steve said the name as if testing it, a smile forming on those beautifully shaped lips. “Are you up for a game?”

Game? Mike eyed the pool table and quickly took a step back. He wasn’t into sports, and he certainly couldn’t play pool. “No, thank you,” he said. “But you play, if you want.”

“Ronny and Bill think they’ve got me and Dale beat. We’re about to prove them wrong.” He picked up a pool cue and grinned. “You can keep score. Losers buy a round of drinks.”

Bemused, Mike nodded, though he had no idea how to keep score, he didn’t even know the rules of the game, and was this Steve’s idea of a date?

Two hours and five games later, Mike realized he’d made a mistake. He should not have accepted Steve’s invitation. No matter how fascinating Steve was, or how compelling, they obviously had nothing in common, and this date was disappointing at best.

Plucking up the courage to do the right thing, Mike stood up. “Steve, I’m going.”

“You are? Don’t you want to stay for a few more games?”

Mike shook his head. “This is not my thing.”

“Oh.” Color flooded Steve’s cheeks, and If Mike hadn’t seen the way Steve dropped his gaze before struggling to raise it again, he would never have believed the man could be embarrassed.

 “I’ll take you home then.”

“There’s no need. My car’s outside.” Mike went to move away, not liking what he was doing, but it was better to cut the evening short than prolonging the awkwardness, however, Steve stepped up close and rested his hand on Mike’s hip. The heaviness and heat instantly had Mike immobile, so too the shock of being touched so intimately in a public bar.

“I’ve disappointed you, haven’t I?”

“No.” Now that was inane, but Mike couldn’t think straight while Steve looked all hurt like that, and when Steve moved his palm surreptitiously up to Mike’s waist, he pretty well stopped thinking at all.

“Yes I have. I should have asked you what you’d like. Look, will you let me take you out again, maybe to a movie or a restaurant? I want to prove to you there’s another side to me.”

Caught between saying what he knew he should and giving in to curiosity, Mike allowed the physical want that had been simmering in his veins from the moment he’d first laid eyes on Steve to dictate his actions. Not that he made a habit of allowing his body to decree which guys he went out with, but this was Jackman, the man he’d been dreaming of for the past few days, the man who, with one smile made him forget he was way out of his comfort zone.

“Okay, tomorrow, dinner.”


Before Mike had a chance to react, Steve swooped down and kissed him, a full blown kiss that not only stopped the breath in Mike’s lungs but half the pub’s as well. The other half started hollering and catcalling and generally making it known they loved that two people could express themselves so freely. Well, at least Steve was expressing it. Mike was frozen solid, even when Steve released him he did little more than gape.

“Oops.” Steve’s grin didn’t hold any apologies though, instead it possessed that self-assurance Mike was beginning to realize was never far away. “Let’s get you out of here.” Placing a hand on Mike’s back, Steve ushered him through the press of bodies, most of which were still staring.

Grateful to get outside, Mike didn’t offer any resistance when Steve continued to walk him down the street. He halted, however, when he noticed he was going the wrong way.

“My car’s back there,” he said, slowly coming to his senses. Turning to face Steve, looking up into those warm eyes, that tantalizing smile, Mike worried he’d made the wrong choice. Some of that worry must have shown on his face because Steve’s smile faded.

“Don’t change your mind. Let’s have that dinner, see how it goes.”

“You’re kind of pushy, you know that?” Mike said, trying to gain back a little control.

“Yeah, I know, but I’m only coming on strong because I want you.”

“I think your kiss proved that.”

“Um, about that. Sorry. I actually didn’t mean to kiss you in public, but that’s what I meant about not being able to hide being gay. I’m a little impulsive and if someone attracts me, I show it.”

‘Well that makes me feel special.” Mike didn’t mean to sound derisive, but his nerves were shot, and his body was tight with a desire he was better off not feeling right now. 

“No, I didn’t mean it that way. I haven’t been out with anyone for ages, but well, you know, I can’t help looking if some cute guy walks past. How do you think I noticed you?”

“You think I’m cute?” Mike asked, slightly mollified.

“I think you’re gorgeous,” Steve quickly replied.

Mike smiled then, relaxing for the first time since he’d walked into the pub. “Thank you.”

“So we’re still on for dinner?”

Mike sighed, realizing he wasn’t going to get away without giving Steve another chance, despite his rather unorthodox display. “Yes. We’re still on.” Reconciling his words with actions, Mike pulled out his phone and took Steve’s number, only a little disconcerted when Steve moved to stand behind him, his chest pressing against Mike’s shoulder, his breath fanning across Mike’s hair.

“I liked that kiss,” Steve whispered. “Pity it wasn’t in private.”

Swallowing hard, Mike nodded.

“Want to try it again?”

“Here?” Surely Steve wasn’t going to make another spectacle of them, was he?

“There’s a little alley just down there,” Steve said, pointing to an unlit lane a few feet away. “Would that make you feel more comfortable?”

“You can’t wait until tomorrow?” Mike countered, though he had to admit he wouldn’t mind kissing Steve again, just so he could appreciate it better this time.

“No.” And just like that, Mike found himself pressed up against a wall with Steve’s lips on his.

Protesting was futile, and Mike was honest enough to admit he didn’t want to, so he moved into the kiss, sliding his arms around Steve’s neck, but he barely managed to get them linked, and he had to push up on his toes so not to strain his neck. Fuck, Steve was tall, but he forgot all about that when, seconds later, Steve picked him up and cradled him in his arms.

“That’s better,” Steve murmured before capturing Mike’s mouth again.

Caught off guard, it took Mike a moment to respond, then he tightened his grip around Steve’s neck and leaned into him. Steve changed his hold and pinned Mike to the wall again, pulling on his thighs so Mike was spread open to him. He gasped in shock, and Steve took advantage, slipping his tongue inside. The warm slide of Steve’s tongue on his had Mike moaning, but overly conscious of where Steve had his hands, Mike was finding it hard to concentrate on just the kiss.

And then of course there was the growing bulge he could feel pressing between his thighs.

Not daring to move, Mike tried not to think about how hard Steve was, or how big, but that became impossible when Steve shifted, bringing them closer together.

“Um, Steve?”

“Yeah?” Warm lips traveled down his neck, causing Mike to groan, but concerned this was getting a little out of control, he pushed against Steve’s formidable chest. It was like pushing against a brick wall, unmoving, unresponsive. The man was pure muscle, and Mike imagined his small hands probably felt like nothing more than butterfly wings.

“Steve….” The objection he was trying to utter got lost as Mike moaned again. This really wasn’t the ideal place to be doing this, but Mike was becoming seriously turned on by the gentle way Steve was sucking on his neck, and the soft, but strong hold Steve had on his body, and by the oh so artful way in which he was grinding his hips into Mike’s.

Without conscious thought he surged into Steve’s body, needing more of what Steve was giving him. He groaned louder, becoming lost in the sensations, even though a part of him was beginning to worry about getting caught.

When Steve moved his mouth back up to Mike’s he instantly forgot about where they were and whimpered, his cock now rock hard and desperately wanting what Steve was heading toward; release. Then Steve stopped, his body stilling, his mouth lifting. Mike blinked his eyes open, a protest forming on his lips, but Steve’s smile robbed him of all but the ability to smile back.

“You make the sweetest sounds when you’re turned on,” Steve murmured.

“I do?” Slowly coming to his senses, Mike squirmed a little until Steve lowered him, holding on until he’d regained the use of his legs.

“Are you okay?” Steve’s concern was sweet, but Mike was too embarrassed by his wanton display to do more than nod.

“Sure?” Steve looked at him for a moment, then stroked down Mike’s face, his hand warm and tender.

“I’m fine.” He straightened his shirt and ran a slightly shaking hand through his disheveled hair, hoping Steve wouldn’t notice how unsettled he was. This was so different from what he expected. The way Steve gently touched and kissed him was not the quick rough and tumble he’d assumed Steve would dish out, and Mike wasn’t sure how to take it.

“Good, then I’ll take you to your car.” Bending to give Mike a quick kiss, Steve curled his hand through Mike’s and led him out the alley.

Overly conscious of who might spot them, Mike didn’t look around, but kept his gaze glued to his feet. It wasn’t as if he was ashamed of being seen coming out of an alley looking like he’d been thoroughly kissed, it was just that he didn’t want to look like he wanted to go back and do it all again.


The flat Mike stood outside was a scruffy, dirty, unkempt mirror image of its neighbors, all of which hardly looked good enough to house animals, let alone people. Standing in the middle of an industrial area, Mike had at first thought this block of dwellings were storage facilities, until he’d noticed the washing hanging off the outside balconies, and the children’s toys scattered like so much flotsam among the cracked and litter ridden expanse of concrete that was a sorry excuse for a communal garden.

Steve’s text asking him to come to his house instead of the restaurant they’d agreed on was the furthest thing Mike had expected. He’d thought Steve had wanted to try and impress him after the fiasco at the pub. Changing venues at short notice wasn’t a way to do that, but it wasn’t the change so much that dismayed him, it was where the hell he was. He checked the address again. This was definitely the right place, but surely Steve didn’t live here?

Disillusionment curdled through his stomach along with a little bit of apprehension. A gang of youths had moved into place at the far end of the building, looking like they were ready to rob anything that wasn’t nailed down. Mike eyed them for a moment, wondering if Steve would be prepared to help him back to his car. A big man like him wouldn’t be afraid of the skinny looking thugs, or at least Mike assumed he wouldn’t, but he wondered why Steve lived in an area like this, surely he could afford something better.

Wincing, because he knew better than to question people’s living arrangements, Mike still hesitated in knocking on the door. Steve was nothing like the type of man Mike usually associated with, and though he’d already decided to date Steve, specifically because the man attracted him like no one else he’d met, he was worried Steve was too singular, and they would never really find a common ground. Unless their attraction to each other was the common ground.

Confused, uncertain, Mike hovered, his hands clenched at his sides. How far did Steve want to take this? He said he preferred dating than hooking up, but how many times did he date before he took a man to his bed, and did he then drop that man once he’d had enough? Mike wasn’t really expecting a long term relationship with Steve, but he certainly would like to have more than just a few short nights with him. But he wouldn’t even get that if he didn’t take the plunge and knock on the damn door.

Emboldened by the memories of Steve’s sweet kisses, gentle touches, and the hard, thick press of Steve between his thighs, Mike quickly rapped his knuckles against the peeling paint and held his breath for the length of time it took Steve to answer him.

“Mike? What are you doing here?”

Staring at the man who stood there with a puzzled look on his face, Mike felt acutely let down. Since last night he’d been thinking of nothing else other than the chance to feel Steve’s lips on his, to have Steve’s strong arms hold him again, and to experience, once more, the subtle but skillful way Steve seemed to know how to turn him on. Apparently Steve’s thoughts hadn’t been along the same lines, or if they had been, they hadn’t extended to remembering their date tonight.

“I honestly don’t know,” Mike said, deciding he’d been right all along. Steve was not the man for him. Sexual attraction or not, Steve obviously didn’t have the element Mike was looking for, specifically the ability to focus on the man he was courting.

Turning abruptly away, he was halfway down the walkway before Steve caught up to him.

“Hey, where are you going?”



Mike kept on walking. Surely the man wasn’t serious?

“Mike! Wait a minute!” Just before he got to the stairs, Steve grabbed his arm and swung him around. “Are you all right?”

Of course he wasn’t all right, what a stupid question to ask. Craning his neck to look Steve in the eye, Mike shook his head. “How could you forget our date?” he asked, pleased he’d managed to control the tremor in his voice and not come across as the frustrated man he was right now. That time in the alley had shown a side of Steve that Mike had wanted to explore further. The way Steve had kissed him, held him, he’d felt treasured, adored, wanted. Steve had even told him he wanted him. If that was the case he had a funny way of showing it.

“I didn’t forget our date,” Steve replied, his puzzlement of earlier even more pronounced. “It’s at seven.”

Mike shrugged off the hand holding him. “Exactly,” he said, pulling out his phone and holding it up so Steve could see the time on the screen. “It’s seven now.”

“Oh.” Steve took a step back and glanced toward his open front door. “I was making your gift and I must have forgotten the time.” A sheepish grin formed across his face. “Sorry.”

Bewildered, Mike wasn’t sure what to do. Go home and forget about Steve, because the man truly was as unorthodox as they came, or forgive him and see what Steve was talking about? He peeked over the balcony at his car. The youths had gone, but Mike wasn’t sure if he wanted to risk them appearing again if went down there on his own. “What gift?” he asked, intrigued now despite his misgivings.

Steve’s grin returned full force. “Come on, I’ll show you. It’s not really finished, but I think you’ll like it.” He tugged on Mike’s hand, and Mike allowed himself to be pulled back to Steve’s flat.

The interior was a shock. Whereas the outside of the building look half derelict, the inside of Steve’s home was clean, inviting and well maintained. Stepping directly into the living room, Mike noted polished wooden floors, beautifully crafted rugs, an Italian leather lounge, a thick timbered dining table big enough to seat eight people, and an entertainment unit most men would have killed to own. The room was spacious, yet it gave an air of being warm and cozy, mainly because of several exquisite quilts draped casually over the arms and backs of chairs.

As Steve dragged him to the oak kitchen and sat him down at the table, Mike wondered for a second if Steve lived with someone, like his mother perhaps. The place looked just this side of too neat and tidy, and there were definite feminine touches which Mike found hard to associate with Steve’s rough man image.

“I’ll start dinner. It’ll only take a few minutes, and while it’s cooking I’ll show you what I’m making for you.” Steve quickly started pulling out pots and pans, and after rummaging in the fridge, stopped and turned around. “Do you like steak?”

Mike smiled, glad Steve had asked him and not just assumed. “Yes, thank you.”

“Good, ‘cause that’s all I think I’ve got right now. I forgot to do shopping this morning.” His grin was infectious, and as he grabbed potatoes, raising a questioning brow until Mike nodded, he kept up a small line of chatter. With anyone else, Mike would have said they were nervous. Steve, however, was just being Steve; confident, cool, collected.

Leaning back into the chair, Mike took an opportunity to glance around the room again. “This looks nothing like the outside,” he said, knowing he was stating the obvious, but the difference was startling enough to mention.

Steve nodded. “I know. I had to refurbish when I moved in here. It was a dump. There were holes in the walls, the wood was rotting, the plumbing leaked, and the electrics didn’t work.”

“So why did you move here then?” With the money Steve had evidently spent doing the place up, wouldn’t he have been better off living somewhere else?

“I didn’t really have any choice. It was move in here, or off site, and I’d rather live onsite until the work is done.” Steve held up a bottle of spices. “Do you like a little extra flavor?” he asked.

Mike absently agreed. “What do you mean when the work is done? Are you talking about the work you’re doing in the city?”

“No, the work here, on this site. The whole place is going to be demolished and I’m putting up new dwellings and a shopping center.” Holding out his hand, Steve smiled. ‘I’ll show you.”

Bemused, Mike let Steve haul him to his feet and drag him to another room; one Mike assumed was a bedroom. He got a quick glimpse of an open door further down the hall before Steve ushered him inside. On a table in the middle of the room stood a three dimensional model. It had four large buildings sitting side by side, surrounded by trees and shrubbery, there were even little model cars to show where they could park.

“This is where I’m living now,” Steve said, pointing to a building furthest away from the corner of the plot. “And this is the first one to be torn down,” he added, pointing to the one on the corner. “I’ll be rebuilding one, two and three bedroom apartments, and when that’s finished, I’ll be able to move the people who live in my building to that one, then I’ll tear this one down and start on the commercial section. When that’s finished I’ll be starting on the two buildings in the middle until I’ve got three building for dwellings and one for shops.” Grinning from ear to ear and obviously proud, Steve seemed to be waiting for Mike to say something, but Mike didn’t know what to say. He was stunned.

It was clear Steve wasn’t just talking about overseeing the project; he was talking as if he owned the land and would be the owner of the buildings once they were done. “That’s going to take a long time,” Mike said, opting for something safe and not jumping to conclusion.

‘Yeah, about two to three years, but it’ll be worth it. Low cost housing is hard to find, and these people need it. Most of their rent will be subsidized by the government, but without somewhere to live they would be out on the street.”

Steve’s enthusiasm for the project was amazing, seriously capturing Mike’s interest, but it was Steve’s intentions to solve some of the city’s housing problems that blew Mike away. There was no way Steve could know Mike’s job was to help disadvantaged families, and what Steve was doing was so close to his heart that he just stood there, even more stunned than he’d been moments ago.

“You don’t like it?” The wounded look in Steve’s eyes, and the injured tone to his voice had Mike instantly babbling to reassure him.

“God, no, it’s fantastic. I just didn’t think…, I never believed…, I mean I didn’t realize…. Shit!” Mike shook his head. He was going about his apology the wrong way, and an apology was what he owed Steve. “I took you for some rough, insensitive guy who thought going to the pub was the highlight of his day, and who didn’t know how to treat a date properly, and I sincerely regret that, because that’s not who you are; you’re smart and sexy and you’ve got this confidence about you which I find overwhelming, and now you’re doing something worthwhile for the community and I was being a snob wondering why you lived in a place like this, and now I know, and….” Mike stopped, feeling like a complete dickhead. “I think I should go,” he said, knowing he’d ruined any chance of anything with Steve, but Steve’s soft smile and the hand he put on Mike’s arm, stopped him.

“You think I’m smart and sexy?”

Nervous now about Steve’s reaction, Mike nodded. “I’ve always thought you sexy. When I first saw you, I was utterly fascinated. The way you handled that jackhammer….” Looking up at Steve, into those soft brown eyes, Mike suddenly wanted Steve to jackhammer his ass the same way he did the pavement; hard and without remorse.

The grin that stretched Steve’s wide lips said he’d guessed what Mike was thinking. “You’re right about me not knowing how to treat a date properly, and for that I’m sorry, but that’s why I asked you here. I figured if you saw a different side to me it might help.” Capturing Mike’s hand again, a trait Mike was becoming used to, Steve dragged him out of that room and into another.

This was where Mike’s stunned amazement reached its zenith. This was obviously a sewing room - if the two sewing machines and the rows and rows of cloth bolts were anything to go by - but it wasn’t just the evidence of paraphernalia that told Mike what went on in this room, it was the finished product. The quilts and throws he’d seen in the living room unmistakably originated here. Each one was made from a patchwork of exquisite colors and patterns, the gorgeous execution and attention to detail utterly breathtaking. Again, for an instant, Mike wondered if Steve lived with his mom or someone, but it became instantly clear this was all Steve’s work when he pulled one of the quilts toward him.

“I made it to match your eyes,” he said. The aqua blues and greens were offset by deeper midnight hues, the edges embroidered with striates of gold and black. It was large enough to fit a bed, or to use as a wrap on cold winter nights.

Mike fingered the silk squares and felt more like an asshole than he had a moment ago. “This is beautiful.”

“So are your eyes,” Steve said, grinning once again. “It’s not quite finished yet. I’ll give it to you tomorrow.”

‘You want me to come back to pick it up?” Mike wasn’t quite sure why he asked that, because he had a feeling that wasn’t what Steve was saying.

Steve just smiled and pulled Mike into his arms. “You can come back, or you can stay the night. It’s up to you.”

Encompassed in Steve’s hold, Mike felt a lot of the tension that had built up in the last few minutes ease away. “You’re definitely not the man I thought you were.”

“I know I gave you the wrong impression at first, but sitting at bars playing pool is not my thing either. I really prefer to curl up with a good book and snuggle up to a nice guy. And when I’m tense or need to express myself, I make these quilts. Which, by the way I give to charity shops.” Steve tightened his arms around Mike, their steel strength holding him close, but within that embrace, Mike could feel him tremble. “I like you Mike, and I’d like to spend some time to get to know you. Do you think you’d like to get to know me?”

After everything he’d just said about Steve, Mike did not expect the man to want to still be around him, but Mike wasn’t going to throw away the opportunity to find everything he could about this fascinating marshmallow filled giant. He nodded then smiled, leaning in to that rock hard chest. ‘Yes please.”


“Hey, babe? Where do you want me to put this?” Steve stood with a bedside table cradled in his arms. Mike looked at him, exhausted.

“Anywhere, I don’t care.”

“You said that about the last three things I brought in,” Steve muttered, striding off to the spare room to no doubt put the table beside all of Mike’s other belongings.

“I never knew I had so much stuff. What the hell am I supposed to do with it all? It’s not like I’m really going to need it. Why didn’t I just give it to that charity shop you go to so frequently?” Mike hauled himself after Steve and eyed the growing pile taking up most of Steve’s space.

“We can sort it later. That was the last of it anyway.” Steve started peeling off his sweat soaked shirt, quickly wiped himself down, the muscles he was so fond of exposing rippling beneath glistening skin.

Caught watching, Mike tried not to show how affected he was by that superb display, but when Steve swooped in to pick him up and carry him to the bedroom, Mike realized he’d hadn’t tried hard enough.

“Steve! Put me down!” Slung over Steve’s shoulder, any effort to get free was a complete waste of time. In Steve’s arms, Mike could never get free unless Steve was ready to let him go.

Dumped unceremoniously on the bed, Mike huffed out a lungful of air. “You’re not,” he stuttered, watching as Steve started undoing his jeans.

“Sure I am. May as well start what we mean to continue.”

“But don’t you have to be on the building site or something? Don’t you have some holes to fill?” Mike hadn’t moved. He actually couldn’t; the way Steve shed his jeans and climbed onto the bed had him transfixed.

“There’s only one hole I’m interested in filling right now.” Steve’s declaration shot a shiver down Mike’s spine and as Steve climbed over the top of him, holding him down with one huge but gentle hand on his chest, Mike was practically shaking. The look of desire and determination in Steve’s eyes didn’t help him either.

Giving up on protesting, because he didn’t mean it anyway, and Steve knew that, Mike quickly stripped while Steve grabbed the bottle of lube.

“Turn over.”

Mike did as he was told, pulling up a pillow and leaning into it with his arms crossed while sticking his ass up in the air. He buried his face when Steve slid a finger into him, the cool gel and the thick digit causing him to bite down on the feather filled cotton. That first initial burn always had him gritting his teeth, but Steve was always gentle and he always made sure Mike was fully stretched before he went any further. Today was no different, and after a few moments in which Mike had begun to relax and enjoy what Steve was doing to him, he felt Steve change position and grab hold of his hips.


Mike nodded, and for emphasis wiggled his ass, easily imagining the look on Steve’s face as he did it. He waited, holding his breath as Steve modified his hold, sliding his palms under Mike’s slim thighs and pulling him higher. Then he felt that deep penetrating push; the one that kept him breathless until Steve was fully seated.

“Okay, babe?”

“Yeah. I’m fine.” And he was. He loved this, loved the way Steve treated him so reverently, so caringly, but it was at this point Mike wanted something else. He turned to look over his shoulder, staring into Steve’s warm brown eyes. “Jackman. Fuck me.”

Steve’s grin was all Mike needed to know he was going to get his ass pounded into next week. Steve pulled most of the way out, then plunged back inside, quickly starting up an unrelenting pace that drove Mike into a fantasy he never got tired of experiencing. Hard, deep, uncompromising, the thick length that powered into him had Mike groaning and burying his head back into the pillow.

Steve altered his angle a little, and Mike’s body instantly lit up. “Oh, fuck, Jackman. Yes! Fucking hammer me!”

Steve’s grunt of assent was all Mike heard before Steve sped up and Mike lost the ability to do anything other than get ready to come. The relentless pulverizing action of Steve’s hips pushed Mike to the point of no return, and then he hung there, his back bowed, his senses strung, his eyes screwed tight, a scream forming on his lips.


That was it. That was the trigger Mike needed to be thrown over the edge into such extreme pleasure he nearly blacked out. His cock pulsed, spewing thick threads of milky seed at the same time Steve slammed home and stayed there; their cries mingling, their ragged gasps in sync. Then Steve collapsed, trapping Mike to the bed, his heavy weight almost crushing him.

“Get off you big oaf!” Mike pushed ineffectively against Steve’s bulk, but Steve rolled over anyway, dragging Mike with him to lay him on his chest. Sticky, sweaty, and barely able to hold his head up, Mike looked down on his Jackman, the only one who could take his ass apart and put it back together. “Thank you.”

Steve’s smile as he looked back up at him was filled with the tenderness he never failed to show Mike after they’d made love. He stroked down Mike’s back, the callused tips of his fingers lightly scraping. “What are you thanking me for? Loving your tight little ass, or finally persuading you to move in here?”

“I’ve been practically living here for the past couple of months, so you didn’t have to persuade too hard, so no, it wasn’t that. I was thanking you for still allowing me to indulge in my game.”

Steve’s laughter was no less that Mike expected. “Calling me Jackman when you’re getting your ass reamed?”

Mike nodded, still feeling a little embarrassed about the time he’d first screamed out his fantasy name for Steve. “I’m glad you think it’s funny.”

“It’s not funny, it’s great. I love it when you lose yourself like that.” Steve pulled him down for a kiss, taking Mike’s mouth in a way that was as possessive as it was gentle. “I love you.”

Smiling, Mike cuddled into Steve’s arms. “I love you too.”

“Good. Now get your ass out of bed, pretty as it may be, because we have a building to start construction on.”

Mike groaned. He knew damn well what was scheduled for today, but after what they’d just shared he’d hoped Steve might have given him a break. No such luck. He rolled over, resigned to spending the day with a shovel in his hand, though there wasn’t much he’d be doing with it, then he had an idea. “Care to show me how to use that jackhammer of yours?”

Steve raised an eyebrow, a wicked smile stretching his lips. “I thought that’s what I’d just been doing, but of course, if you need another lesson…”

The End
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