Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jared and Kyle's first kiss.

Better late than never. Here is an excerpt from Bringing Him Home. It's not set in stone and it may get changed slightly in the final draft, but hopefully it will give you a taste of what Jared and Kyle are up to.

Jared has just come out of a shower stall to find Kyle standing there waiting for him. He'd only met the man a few mintues earlier when Kyle had asked to borrow some toothpaste. He doesn't know Kyle's name yet, or what it will be like between them, but he's already fantasied in the shower, and now he's going to find out for real...

Jared stood his ground though he felt like backing into the stall behind him and slamming the door again. It was safer, if not exactly constructive. The other man seemed to know what he was thinking, because he smiled. Jared had to hold his breath to stop the air from being forcefully expelled from his lungs. Wow, the man knew how to smile. Did he know how to kiss, too? Though Jared thought he also knew the answer to that, he wanted to find out. Really wanted to find out.
Natural caution warred with a desire to explore the possibilities which didn’t just end at a kiss. Caution won, and he wasn’t a tease. He didn’t want to lead the man on, or be led on.
“Look, this is not going to happen between us,” he said, noting the sound of regret in his tone and wondering at it.
“Why not? You can’t deny the attraction. You’re not denying your sexuality, are you?”
“No, I’m not.” Jared didn’t want to get angry, not in the face of such open sincerity. He supposed the question was normal. “But I don’t do quick fucks in shower rooms.”
“Nor do I. I like to fuck real slow.” The soft, husky drawl did things to Jared he hadn’t thought possible, not from just hearing someone speak.
The man smiled again and this time Jared huffed a breath out, but then couldn’t draw one back in.
The smile turned into a grin. “Can I buy you a coffee, then?” the blond asked.
“Yeah. You know, the dark aromatic brew.”
“I know what the fuck coffee is.”
“Well, do you want one?”
Jared hadn’t got a clue what to say. Did he accept and take the offer at face value, or did he decline because he knew damn well that wasn’t all the man was offering?
The blond stepped up close until Jared could smell the faint scent of the shampoo he’d used, and the very musky aroma of his obvious arousal. The sharp tang filled his nostrils causing his mouth to water and his heart to start hammering. He held the other man’s arresting gaze and was only vaguely aware of sliding out a tongue to wet his lips as he did so. The action, though unintentional, provoked a low groan from the man standing across from him. The sound drove a shiver down Jared’s spine and he felt goosebumps forming on his skin.
“I don’t bite,” the man said, his low, seductive tones the straw which finally broke Jared’s resistance.
“I do.” Caution flew out the window along with every excuse he’d ever used to deny the very basis of his need. To hear the other man draw in a sharp breath sent Jared’s primal instincts roaring. He no longer wanted to back away, to take that guarded stance. Instead he reached behind the man’s neck with one hand and drew him forward. Silky hair caressed the back of his hand and he had to still the need to clench his fingers into a fist. He’d had no intention of letting the kiss be anything more than brief yet purposeful but the second those soft lips touched his, he lost it.
Roughly shoving the blue eyed, blond back to the wall Jared drove the full length of his body hard against him, grinding his hips across the full thickness of the man’s cock. He groaned at the heat which rose between them and moaned at the other man’s startled response. Two hands clutched at his arms, fingers digging in deep then releasing as the man’s hands slowly changed into an embrace. Jared dropped his bag and helped slide the other off a broad shoulder. He changed the angle of his mouth and slid his tongue across those plump lips, tasting, exploring then demanding entrance.
The man complied on a sigh and Jared got to taste what he’d so far only thought about. The mouth was moist and warm, the tongue soft, questing. Jared traced his along it and then sucked it between his teeth. The body he was holding began to tremble while the hands which had slid over his back tangled in his hair. Jared groaned into the other man’s mouth as pleasure slammed into him, driving his arousal to new heights. The kiss deepened, grew hotter and with every stroke, every thrust of his tongue he moved his hips, sashaying them back and forth until they were both panting, both moaning.
Eventually, Jared pulled back, a satisfied growl rising out of his chest when he saw the other man’s glazed eyes. He waited a few moments until both of them were breathing close to normal.
Then he asked the question that would change his life forever.
“Still want to buy me that coffee?”
“Fuck, yeah!”
Jared laughed and was surprised at the unexpected feeling of contentment which wrapped itself around him like a cloak. He leaned back in for a swift kiss and then unable to help himself nipped at the lower lip of that full mouth with his teeth.
“Told you I bite.”

It only gets hotter between them, believe me. Hope you enjoyed their first kiss, because I sure as hell loved writing it.


  1. HOT! I love it!

    Can't wait to read this!

  2. Thanks Rachel,

    I'll try to post a bit more and I'll let you know when it's coming out.


  3. Thanks Barbara,

    I like these two characters. They were my first delve into m/m so they are going to be kind of special to me.


  4. Great scene Penny. When is the book coming out? ;p

  5. Hi Anya,

    I'm hoping for July. I'll let everyone know as soon as I have the release date, I'll also post a copy of the cover as soon as I have it. I can't wait as these men have been in my head for a long time and it will be good to see them finally in print.

    Thanks for your comment. I kind of liked the scene myself :)