Sunday, March 4, 2012

New review for Choices

Five Stars! Beautiful Book with Rich Characters, February 26, 2012
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I loved this book. It's a wonderful twist on fairy tales and happily thereafter and not because of the two male characters.

It has an intriguing premise: You have a mate or soulmate but you have to soothe them, groom them, convince them. This is not one of those paranormal books where you look at someone and BAM soulmate . . . or you smell someone and because you're a wolf BAM soulmate. This book mirrors, IMHO, real life. Relationships take work and commitment. Even if you know who your soulmate is, there is no telling it will be easy and quick. This is what this book shows so wonderfully well.

The main character Marc is a well-written and easy to love character. He looks in the mirror and learns his soul mate is a man. Marc thinks he's not gay but hasn't really clicked with females, especially sexually. Marc has to choose: pursue or not to pursue.

The pursuit is wonderful. I also loved Liam, the guy who is pursued. Liam doesn't know he wants to be pursued and perhaps needs to be pursued so he resists. Resistance is futile! LOL

I loved the strength in Marc. He wants this relationship but he is not a weak, beggy type of character. He's strong and confident as he pursues Liam. He doesn't back down. He knows what he wants and doesn't hesitate in letting Liam know. I like that there were two strong male characters.

There are two other strong characters in the book, but this book is all about these two men. They are both wonderfully written.

So far this is one of my favorite books. I will read it again. I'll follow this author.

It's beautiful and well written. I've read many books and many I hate how much I paid for them after I finish reading this. This one? Well worth the price.

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